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Ulfat Haider

Ulfat Haider


"I love that in nature everyone is equal, free from criticism and judgment, nature accepts us just as we are ..."

Ulfat Haider, born in Haifa, a professional adventurer and lover of sporting challenges.

Over the years, Ulfat has taken part in trips to Antarctica and all around the world from the North to the South Pole, in mountaineering, marathon and triathlon competitions.She has played professionally in the national volleyball league and for the Israeli national volleyball team. Ulfat was also selected as the Asian representative - one woman from each continent - on sustainability journeys around

the world.

Ulfat leads projects and challenges in nature for women as well asleading cross-cultural leadership programs in Israel and abroad, to enable women, students, and youth to step from the familiar space into the less familiar andultimately, into the unknown.

Motivational speaker

Lecture: Breaking the Ice

Ulfat Haider in a fascinating lecture on her life story that crosses borders.

Ulfat Haider, a Haifa-born Arab and professional athlete, loves challenges and is one of the leaders of social change in Israel. Ulfat invites you to hear more abouther unique and fascinating path that has takenher on extraordinary journeys and experiences in Israel and around the world.

Oncoping withlivingbetween two cultures / on taking part in the Jewish-Arab delegation to the Antarctic which gaveher the power to change things / on the peaks she conquered / on the challengingtrips she leads today / and more.

Come and be inspired, take part in the journey of life, and discover how to grow through challenges.

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Women to the summit

After years of leading mixed groups, Ulfat questioned why women were hesitant to take on the role of "leader", and out of a desire to change this, she created journeys that would give women the opportunity to lead and go beyond their own limits (going within in order to gogrow).

In 2014, Ulfat initiated the "Women to the Summit" campaign - a project to empower women of different cultures through challenging journeys in nature, which she has been leading and guiding since.

The journey is suitable for women with some hiking experience.

Destinations: Himalayas, Alps, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan.

Upcoming dates:

Breaking the ice

Following Ulfat's expedition as part of an Israeli-Palestinian group to the Antarctic, in 2005 she went on to establish “Breaking the Ice”.

This is an initiative which brings together young people from different groups in conflict through shared participation in challenging outdoor adventures, with the understanding that nature has the immense power to connect people.  

Ulfat has been organizing and leading these adventures ever since.

The adventure is suitable for people in good physical shape.

Destinations: Alps, Switzerland, Italy, France.


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